"A processing sculpture project" describes the creation of an artistic piece.

For Stefan Schu the way to the goal is as important as the goal itself.


As the result of an experiment with the material Multiplex, he found a great opportunity to unite both of his interests:

the graphic and sculpture.

In the never ending possibilities of the material Stefan Schu continues to find new perspectives and compositions which follow the rules of the material and the beauty of form.

Light and shadow underline the beauty of form as well as the lines intensify the form itself.

Schu understands and follows the “grammar of the Material”.


The results are Sculptures, photographs and films which describe this process.

This is the diploma work of Stefan Schu.




A sphere consists of 4 dimensions.

Here the 4th dimension (time) is frozen in a snapshot.


“Powerlines” splurge in various directions and are caught by counter-movements.

The consequence is a mixture of body tension and counterweight.

Exaggerated body contortions intensify the line persecutions.

The body is reduced to its merely line-generating elements.

The composition is based on the act of pulling.


The human being often wants to force things, and leaves thought behind.

The head as the most important part, is kept out of this composition.

It explains the idea as well as it intensifies the strength of the composition.


These bronze sculptures are both classical and aesthetical and fuse classical and modern aspects of bronze art.


© Copyright by Stefan Schu. All rights reserved.