The human being is a major subject of creation for the artist Stefan Schu.

Faces always fascinated him.

The expression of a face often says more than a thousand words.

Based on writers and poets this may sound almost blasphemous,

but sometimes it seems the face is the place in which you can find many written and unwritten stories.

It almost seems that people cary their soul in their faces.

Stefan Schu interpreted writers and their work in classic portraits. This included an intensive research of the writers history as well as their literary works, which then led him come to this result.


To choose (oil on canvas), a classical medium, supports the temporal clip in which most writers lived.

The color scheme arose from the research and its interpretation.


The evolution came by succession of ideas.

Thus, an overall composition of the individual works developed into a whole.

The idea that everything is interrelated finds his own expressive way.

Everyone in itself is considered as an individual, and adds to the image of the whole.

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