Stefan Schu was born in 1976 in Bonn (Germany).

He is an artist and graphic designer.


His passion for art and creativity developed in his childhood.


The fascination for art in it´s theoretical debate led him then go in a proffesional artistic direction.

He finished his training as a “geprüfter Gestaltungsassistent mit dem Schwerpunkt Grafik”

(certified design wizard with a focus on graphic) at the staatliche Glasfachschule Rheinbach in 1999.

He continued his studies in 2000 Kommunikationsdesign at the Fachhochschule Trier

(Department of Communication Design/Graphic design) which he finished with the diploma in 2006.

While studying at the Fachhoschule Trier he completed 3 semesters abroad:

1 semester at the University of Kansas (USA) Sculpture department with Prof. Mark Cowardin

and 2 semesters at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Poland) Sculpture department

with Prof. Jerzy Nowakowski. (Socrates Erasmus programme)


Creativity offers a universe of possibilities.

To discover the unknown and evolve great art out of it is a huge motivation for Stefan Schu.

His understanding is that art follows a constant development. The artistic works are milestones of this trip.

Art has no boundaries and that is why art is not limited by techniques or disciplines.

The idea itself provokes the medium.

That´s why it´s no surprise to find artistic pieces in graphics, drawings, paintings,

photography and sculptures in his portfolio.

Stefan Schu

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